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Setting Modem Dial-up GPRS card IM3

The Internet at this time have become part of the lifestyle of the world community, not the exception of the Indonesian people. Even for some people, Jagad illusion that one is not separated from day-to-day activities. Not to mention access dipermudah with the support of computer network infrastructure that can be adequately spelled out, both from government and from some elements of society and the trend appears berlanganan new internet with a RT-RW net. One of which can be associated with the ease of internet access this is the only internet connection toxicity using a combination of two electronic devices, including laptop and mobile phone (mobile phone), where they are moving the device (mobile gadgets). Seeing the two with this device, people can already menjelejahi Jagad virtual anytime and anywhere he wants. Well, this article discusses how to configure the two devices is able to connect to the internet. This configuration can also be done on the home desktop computer, so that internet connection can also be conducted in the homes without the need for subscription each month. This article is limited to the configuration using the prepaid GSM card type IM3 Indosat property.

The hardware needs to be connected to the Internet is:

1. Laptops / multimedia computer that there is a port connection with the mobile device, can be a USB port (if the mobile phone equipped with a USB data cable), infra red or bluetooth.
2. Handphone (HP) equipped with:

* Connection device, such as data cable, bluetooth or infra red (for this connection each replace each other, in other words, choose one only).
* GPRS modem.

Well, if the terms of the needs of the hardware above is met, we start with the modem settings. Setting the modem to access internet via GPRS GSM IM3 card can be spelled out relatively easily. Easy for a world already familiar with computers and network, but will be difficult to feel for the first time you try. But do not worry, this article I go to the most common though.

Before doing that which is written in this article, it is assumed in the mobile phone GPRS connection is active. For settingan GPRS connection is different for each type of mobile phone. For some types of mobile phone, the connection is automatically activated so IM3 card active. If not active, you can read the user guide (manual) from your mobile phone or consult with the costumer service Indosat (contact number 300 or come directly to the gallery Indosat).

Assumptions in the GPRS IM3 card you already active, to make mobile phone as a modem dialup the steps as follows:

1. Connect the mobile phone with the laptop / computer.

Connect the mobile phone and computer using a data cable, infrared or bluetooth. In this case I connect the Nokia 6230i mobile phone with the laptop.

2. Install the default application from your mobile phone, such as the property of Nokia PC Suite or Sony Ericsson.

Install PC Suite on the laptop or computer to which you want to be associated with mobile phones. If you do not have the software can be downloaded at (Nokia to type). PC Suite supports a variety of types of connections: a data cable, bluetooth, infrared, etc..

3. Check the modem (if already installed).

The next step setting dial-up modem. If the PC Suite is installed and your phone is correctly detected by PC Suite means that the modem can be set up. How to check if mobile phone is already terdekteksi the following manner:

right-click the icon> Computer> properties> tab> hardware> device manager. Check on the> modem> is whether there is:> Nokia 6230i USB Modem. Check whether the performance of the modem works well, with the right click> Nokia 6230i USB Modem »properties, in the Diagnostics> press> query modem. Diagnostic will take some time, we can see the results in the field.

If the modem has not been detected trying to check the cable, or software to install PC Suitenya again, or read the user guide for your mobile phone.

4. Setting dial number, user name and password.

If the GPRS modem is detected, the next step is setting a dial number, user name and password. Three components is required for a dial-via the Internet server Indosat.

For this card IM3,

o dial numbers: * 99 *** 1 #
o user name: gprs
o password: IM3

To mensettingnya,

click the Start »All Programs» Accessories »Communications» New Connection Wizards.

New display will appear Connection Wizard. Click Next »select> Connect to the Internet» Next »select Set up my connection manually» Next »select Connect using a dialup modem» Next »select Nokia 6230i USB Modem» Next »enter ISP name (can be filled with anything, it's up to you) »Next» enter dialnya »Next» enter the user name and paswordnya »Next» check Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop (if you want to create a shortcut on the desktop) »Finish. The setting is completed.

If the above steps have been executed, double-click the dial-up shortcut on the desktop earlier. Dial process is running, port ... Opening Dialing * 99 *** 1 # ... Verifiying user name and password .. registering your computer to the network ... Autenthicated.

If successfully connected the monitor image will appear in the systray next to the bookmark hours on your computer. Happy surfing!


On the conditions and certain types of mobile phones is sometimes an error message appears during the process of a dial. The following error messages that occur and how to address them:

- Error 734: the ppp link control protocol has terminated

If this happens, you can not connect to the network. This is because we have not add parameters to the modem. Add the command line: AT + CGDCONT = 1, "IP", "". How, right-click My Computer »properties» tab Hardware »Device Manager» Modems »Nokia 6230i USB Modem. right-click »properties» in the Advanced - Extra Settings, enter the command line there in »OK. Try to dial again.

- Error 687: The remote computer did not respond.

If this happens, restart your phone and / or re-install PC Suite on your computer. Make sure to use the latest version of PC Suite.

- Error 797: A connection to the remote computer could not be established because the modem was not found or was busy.

If this happens, there is a problem with your modem connection. Try to pull the cable and plug it again.

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