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Use the CD-ROM drive as a audio CD player without the computer

Most of the CDROMS available have an Audio-Out Output to either plug in the headphones or connect it to an amplifier.
This circuit enables one to use the CDROM as a stand alone Audio CD player without the computer.
This circuit is nothing but a power supply which supplies +5v, +12V and Ground to the CDROM drive and
hence can be used without the computer.
You should buy a D-type power connecter to connect this circuit's outputs to the CDROM.
The details of the D connector are shown along with the circuit diagram.
Note that the D-connector goes into the CDROM in only one way and hence prevents any damage due to wrong connection.
Ensure that the 12V(yellow) wire is connected to the right of the D-connector(as seen from behind ,i.e the connector holes away from you with the curved portion of the connector upwards)
As soon as an Audio CD is inserted, the CD begins to play. To move to the next track, press the Skip-Track button on the CDROM front Panel.

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